3528SMD 240LED/m LED strip light

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3528SMD 240LED/m LED strip light


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1.High quality LED product, European and US standard. CE and RoHS compliance.
2. 3528SMD, highest brightness, stable performance.
3.Long lifetime, attenuation<3% after 1000 hours, lifetime ≥50,000 hours.
4.Pure copper flexible PCB: White color.
5.LED quantity: 240LED/m 1200LED/Roll, single row
6.Each unit of 3LEDs (12V) or 6LEDs(24V) can be cut table at regular segments.
7.Energy saving and environment friendly, lead-free soldering.
8.Flexible, can be bent into any shape you like, our advise: bending angle ≥30°.
9.Imported 3M adhesive tape with rosin taste attached on the back, for stick installation.
10. silicon tube for waterproof IP66 LED strips.
11.Standard package: 5m/reel, half-transparent (milky) or two sides transparent
antistatic bag packaging per reel.


Household, office, restaurant, hotel decoration, Commercial lighting, back lights and
advertisements, Architectural and cove lighting, shopping mall stairway and hallway,
corridor lighting etc